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​© Nico Catacchio 2018


NICO CATACCHIO - double bassist, composer, educator

The musical research of Nico Catacchio has always rotated around the jazz, with a stake in classical music and, in adolescence, to the rock.
A musician by training, varied between being self taught and the attendance of regular studies, started with the guitar to get to the double bass, the instrument on which it is expressed by placing above all the clarity of sound and articulation, the “clear” melody.
His compositions often have the character of a suite and its search is to give a great importance to the articulation of the structure. Each song has a different character and can hardly be labeled as belonging to a genre that is precise, although the main root is that jazz has its development in improvisation and interplay.
Training mainly jazz with deep roots in the tradition, however, is a musician and instrumentalist, original, curious about every form of art as to life and has developed a preference for the help of original projects in which they can express their musical vision to share with the musicians with the most suitable.
In the formula of the piano trio has found a source of inspiration, giving emphasis to compositions, energetic and dreamy, engaging in the execution of all the three instruments (piano, bass, drums) in a unitary manner and jointly with a group sound enveloping and engaging.With this formation he published in his own name a CD (THE SECOND APPLE – Nico Catacchio T(h)ree) for the label Fo(u)r.


STUDIES approaches to the study of music at 12 years of age starting to play guitar. He studied privately in classical guitar for three years and then jazz guitar at the other three. With the registration at the faculty of Physics reduces its commitment to the music and then resume full-time and have to change the tool in favour of the bass.
He studied double bass at the Conservatory of Bari for three years under the guidance of Giovanni Rinaldi.
At the same time, he studied acoustic bass jazz, attending the winter courses and the summer workshops of SienaJazz with Bruno Tommaso, Furio di Castri, Paolo Fresu, Franco D'andrea won a scholarship in '92.
He attended masterclasses in Italy and abroad with Gary Peacock (double-bass player, Keith Jarrett's trio), Palle Danielsson, Paul Bley and others.


The ever stronger commitment on the side of jazz led to him having to suspend his studies at the conservatory.
Began an intense concert activity with many jazz groups with some of which won some competitions reserved to category.
He joined the Orchestra Utopia of Matera, directed by Bruno Tommaso, with whom he records two CDS and performs in various festivals.
In '94 formed a group and recorded a CD in her name, with Paolo Fresu as a guest star, CD that gets excellent reviews.
Since '97, he moved to Cremona before and then in Vignola (MO).
Deals with music, ethno-jazz with the group AKSAK PROJECT and at the same time he resumed his classical studies with Giampietro Zampella at the Conservatory of La Spezia, and then with Gabriele Ragghianti.
From the year 2000 onwards, he continued to pursue an intense concert activity, with a lot of musicians, Italian and foreign, developing a double preference towards personal projects and at the same time towards the projects of other musicians, trying to give always the maximum in the expression of their own and put themselves at the service of the music of others.


He carried out intense teaching activity at the private schools of Bari, Brindisi, Ceglie Messapica (BR), Cremona, italy, Spilamberto (MO), teaching bass, music theory, basic theory, jazz theory, improvisation, ensemble music, electric bass, guitar.
He currently teaches double bass at the STAVE of Bari, double Bass, Music Theory and Jazz.

Selected discography

• NICO CATACCHIO AWAITED SOUND: "Cry” - (Promojazz) with Paolo Fresu, Nico Morelli, Felice Mezzina, Pippo D'ambrosio

• DINO PLASMATI TRIO: "PECCATO ORIGINALE" - (ACM) with Dino Plasmati, Fabio Accardi, Francesco Marini

• ORCHESTRA "UTOPIA" + PAOLO FRESU SEXTET: “Sei x Trenta“ - (Onyx Rec.)

• ENZO LANZO: “Rondonella" - (Leo Rec.) Antonello Salis, Gianni Lenoci, Vittorino Curci, Felice Mezzina

• AKSAK Project: "Namar" - (Map Records)

• NICO CATACCHIO T(H)REE: The Second Apple

• AKSAK PROJECT: Buonvento



• AKSAK PROJECT: Trebisonda

Next publication:
• NICO CATACCHIO - Kinesis (κίνησις)

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